kplc is kenya's main source of electricity. all they have given us this year is blackness. There is not one person I know who has not complained about the power outage in kenya caused by kplc. they need to up their game

Washeni taa


So some freak decided to just grenade up the city like wow. I mean seriously? this is kenya, not kazakstan. you don't just grenade up. shoot us or something

Home grown terrorists

Ape-ic Leaders

It is no secret that the leadership in Kenya is stale. We need new people to come up, people with ambitions, people who can inspire and help rise this nation to greater things. We do have ape-ic leaders but I'm pretty sure we can do better

umm…I meant Epic


Kenya's first well know serial killer. so yea, we thought we see this kind of stuff on CSI until this man came along. Hatutaki wauwaji jameni

Serial Killer…

Somali Pirates

Causing terror near our waters. We don't need this kind of drama our dear neighbors so just ship it already

This is one of those completely unnecessary things


Inyernally displaced people in kenya are still living in tents. this is a disgrace to our country as a whole. we need to find these people a home. they were moved out of their own homes for absolutely no reason. shame on all those who started this unnecessary chaos.

Displaced in our own country


Hatutaki is swahili for ‘we don’t want’.

This week is all about what happened last year that we as Kenyans really don’t want to see happening again this year.

One More Day

Watch out for the all New Kikulacho everybody!!

Coming January 10, 2011


Fruit stand by the side of the road in nairobi kenya

Kenya Coat of Arms

Kenya Coat of Arms

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