Beba beba

we would like safe drivers on our roads in kenya


lethal drinks have been killing and blinding them all over the place yet they still drink. i mean seriously kenyans?

Lethal Brews

It's killing people and blinding them left and right yet they still keep drinking it. We all know how dangerous they are, so lets just try to keep away from them now shall we?

Ndege Hatari

Dangerous bird attacks young naked child in some part of kenya. you gotta love it


Due to the lack of rains in the past rain season a lot of people are not only starving because of no crop, but they are also loosing animals and some of them even having to move away from their homes

Kids on Drugs

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Let's not spoil them, let's not let them rot. Let's try and help them. It's the only way that there will be a future. Drugs are bad for you kids!

Not cool


We pollute our environment not thinking about the future generations. Our own children's children. Come on now people. Lets be good.


You can spot piles like this in several places in any city or even the towns in Kenya. It's a disgrace

Kitu Kidogo

It's no secret that there is still corruption on our roads. We see it every day. Something needs to be done about this in Kenya. Problem is majorly with the matatus


After some serious rain in the last few months of the year 2010, Kenya was faced with several landslides where some people lost their lives especially women and children. The greatest cause was said to be lack of punctuality on the part of the rescue team. this is a very sad case

just hangin’

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