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Serial killer caught in Kenya after brutally murdering 19 girls. He says he was aiming for 100. He turned himself in and even helped the police find the bodies that he had buried and hidden.


Kenyan text book. This particular one was for the youngest, first grade class. But this time with a Makmende addition.

Jogoo wa Meru

Kenyans travel with things back from home after the holidays to the city, including this hen. It has been tied down. You can tell ni mmeru who did it. LOL

Care to join me?

Kenyan daytime meal. Ugali among the favorites is just water and flour. It is usually eaten with vegetables or meat. In this case though it is with salt. Wouldn't go down to well I think.

Ule Ushibe

A funny sign post advertising a Kenyan restaurant where you can eat until you drop


Omo removes all stubborn stains. Michael Jackson, the white black man.


Kenyan grocery shop that has chicken too. Plain weird Kenyans. Funny too.


Different types of punishment are used in kenyan schools. Among the most popular is this one where the student in trouble has to bend low till their forehead touches their knees, then with their hands around and then through the back of their legs touch their ears. Pretty primitive way of punishment, unsafe for the children if they stay in this possition for too long.

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