Is there no other way to make the same point?

An advertisement for the sun lotion brand of nivea. Kenyan version


Kimbo is a cooking oil/fat. It is made and used in Kenya. Another of those classic products.

Mchuzi Mix

Mchuzi mix is another Kenyan classic product. It's a spice. It's one of those things that make you feel kenyan.

Drinking Chocolate

Hot chocolate always makes everything better, right? Drinking chocolate is one of those classic products for Kenya.

Best in Class

Kenya is known all over the world for producing the best long distance runners. Nancy is one of them as seen from the picture above.

Nairobi City

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya. This is a nice picture of the city's skyline


Samburu is one of the 45 tribes in the country of kenya. This is a picture of men who are either warriors or dancers.


Made of maize flour, ugali is one of the main dishes in Kenya and in the east of africa. It's like a thick sticky white break eaten with veggies or meat.

Uuuu shiny

A kenyan duo, gidi gidi maji maji were very famous for their song unbwogable that was used majorly in the 2002 elections. Music scene in Africa and Kenya.

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