Hand Shake

Lets conserve our environments. Efforts from different organizations not just in Kenya but also in many countries all over the world.

Conserve our environment for the next generations


Boat riding at the coast on the waters near Mombasa Kenya is amazing. Come to Kenyan safari

Mlima Wetu

Our pride and joy. Mount Kenya in the central province of the country.


speaks for itself I think. love kenya

More eyes

same set of eyes now on a skinny dude. Even more scary right? Kenyan safari


Weird girly all made up eyes on this dude. umm...ok


This toothless dude thinks he looks really hot in this ugly shades. smh, he tried though. bless his soul


This is some guys attempt trying to tell people not to throw containers into the toilet. Presumably a pit latrine toilet, since it is the only one I would think would allow a whole container to go through, I hope. Anyway, he failed in saying what he wanted to say. Funny in Kenya

Yellow yellow

yellow man

Ear Phones

ear phone

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