A young boys face smiles for the camera despite his dirty face. A Kenyan. Life's troubles have gotten the better part of him but he can still afford a smile. Can you?

The Dudes

A group of young men from one of the nomadic tribes in Kenya. They are dark skinned and live in little houses moving from one place to the other following the water and grass.


An elephant in a Kenyan national park. Kenyans Safaris take you all over and ensure that you have seen all you want to see and more and that you have an amazing time. Love Kenya.

Obama Mania

Kenyans Kenyans Kenyans! You can never get them. Now they want to participate in the American elections so that they can vote for Obama coz he's one of them. As in seriously? You just have to love them. Kenyans for Obama!!


A hyena sitting in some national part in Kenya. Come see wild animals in Kenya like hyenas. Laughing hyenas. I need to get my numbers back up.


Makmende took all of spartan down !! With his little finger!! ha ha Makmende madness. Kenyan first internet wildfire. Everyone around the world wanted to know who this Makmende was, and what his who deal was. Well, now we know. He is MAKMENDE!!

He did whaaaaaaat??

So the He/She of south Africa stepped on one of our own (Kenyan) and we are beyond furious. I mean seriously?

Only in Kenya…

Only in Kenya does stuff like this actually happen. I mean seriously? It's like watching a scene right out of Ripley's Believe it or Not! It's pure brilliance. And kudos to the driver, he must be wicked awesome at what he does.


A set of spears in a man's hand ready to be fired away. This was most likely during the post election violence in Kenya in 2007. Hard times for most people. People lost their homes and even family members. Some of them are still living in camps almost three years down the drain. This is a disgrace for our country. Our leaders need to do something. They should also be ashamed of themselves.

After School

It's amazing what the youth of today are up to. Above is some of what kids in Kenya who are just leaving high school are thinking of. I mean this is alarming. They hold our future. I mean, should we be alarmed? Our children and our children's children will live in the same time with these kids. smh. may God help us all. Youth of today.

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