Timon and Pumba

Hakuna Matata


Three high school kids trying to have supper at a Kenyan high school. Pretty bad food right there

Self Defence

A bunch of women in Kenya learning how to defend themselves. After all the violence that have been going on in this country with men being violent against their women. Go women in Kenya.


A big crocodile. Come to safari in Kenya. Jao Yai, a 27-year-old crocodile, swallows chicken bones at his birthday celebration at Crodile Farm and Zoo in the outskirts of Bangkok Thursday, June 10, 1999. Jao Yai, a salt-water crocodile, has grown to a length of 19.8 feet (6 meters) and 2,465 pounds (1,114 kilograms) and is considered the world's biggest crocodile by the Guinness Book of Records. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Has No Equal

Tusker makes us equal. Kenyan drink


Global warming is real. So lets try to not pollute the environment. Keep the world and Kenya clean

Size doesn’t matter

The elephant is really big but there is absolutely nothing that is can do about the little birdy on it's back.  So yea, I guess size does not matter. Hakuna matata

does it?

Kenya Safari Acrobats

Representing Kenya all over the world. You really want these dudes to represent you?

Do these guys represent you as a Kenyan?


Proud to be Kenya. Kenya hakuna matata

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