Through the wire

A picture that shows someone looking at chicks through wire mesh

Big Bird

The biggest bird in the world. Walking in the planes. Come to Kenya and see the amazing wildlife include this bird.

Find x

A failed math attempt. Find x. Mathematical problem. The 844 Kenyan system is such a waste of life. But it got the best of us to where we are to today, so we have to thank it.


Scare crow in the middle of the field in some part of western Kenyan. Scary stuff


A young girl sits under the sun at splash enjoying the water splashes on the warm day. nairobi Kenya

Wako Nje

Kenya safari. Come to Kenya and see the elephants.


Kenyan safari! African safari. Come to Kenya and see the amazing wild life, the scenery and the rich culture

Public Notice

A public notice to the country to let everyone know that Daniel Arap Moi is no longer the president of Kenya after wripping so many of us off. We finally let him go. Crazy presidents. Politics yawa.


Players at the rugby field getting ready for the game in Nairobi.


Maasai People Struggle As Kenya Declares Drought Emergency. KISAJU, KENYA - AUGUST 16: A woman, a member of the Maasai ethnic group, follows her family as they move with their cattle in search of grassland to graze their herd on August 16, 2009 in Kisaju, Kenya. As Kenya continues to suffer from a devastating drought, some of which is man made, the Maasai people have been afflicted by a lack of traditional grassland and water for their herds. Some Maasai have been forced to travel with their herds as far as Tanzania and to the outskirts of Nairobi in search of elusive grass. Some parts of Kenya have not witnessed any significant rainfall for two years.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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