3 + 2 = ?

Three Kenyan singer dudes, and two white weird dudes, nothing good can come out of this combination. Kenyan traditional music.

Proof that Hitler was in Kenya

An aerial view of hitler shaped buildings in Kenya. Hitler! haha. he killed people. sob sob


Two girls sit with their book open trying to go through the pages. Kenyan educational system. It needs serious help. The education system in third world countrie


A shot of downtown Nairobi in the middle of the day. A nice afternoon in Nairobi. Come to Kenya we have lions.

Joker Wild

The casino in downtown Nairobi. Come one, come all. Squander all your money at the casino. It's all a gamble. You make some you loose some. Kenyan casino

Here comes Santa on a tractor

Only in Kitale does Santa come in on a tractor and everyone is totally ok with it. Kenyan awesomeness.


You don't know what college life is until you've seen one of these. It's like a room on top of a room, on top of another room.  Pretty crazy huh? I thought so too. Crazy kenyan campus housing


A toilet in the middle of no where in rift valley. This is what Natasha calls availability. yay kenya. we have lions. if you use this toilet, you will be eaten by a lion! beware!

Mbwa Kali?

In Kenya, people often mark their houses "mbwa kali" to say that there is a fierce dog and hopefully scare away potential thieves.  Here we see a rather timid dog, sleep. Is it mbwa kali?


The Kenya Wildlife Service's New Logo!

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