How many tablets were there? I see like clearly more than fifteen. Weren't they like ten?

How many tablets were there again?


so I just can't think of anything smarter than this. I know it's dumb, but oh well. What else can I do? O-pesa, the fastest way to send and receive money. In this case from Obama?

Dr. Mkombozi

Are you unwell? do you have any pains? headache? backache? joint aches? cannot get pregnant? cannot find a lover? well, there is only one answer to all these question. Dr. Mkombozi. Oh yes, he has a solution to all your problems. So just call the number above and he will hook you up. Tanzanian traditional doctor.

Whatever your problem is, looks like this dude can hook you up!

Safari Rally

A race car speeding off past on looking crowds(ok maybe no crowds at this particular place where this photo was taken, but sure are heck, there are going to be masses of people just a couple of kilometers ahead) in the race. In Kenya.


United Methodist Women and a drug store at the same time? Nyanza province in Kenya clearly

So is it UMW? is it a drug store? a children’s center? or all three?


Some dude with a makeshift radio on his head walking merrily in the evening. Either going home, or is a watchman going to work. Craaaazy


An old woman deep in thought looking over the horizon. You can never tell what is in the mind of a person when they do this. They say age is wisdom.

No peace

A young lady sitting in a hole through her wall after the post election violence in Kenya in 2007.


One of Kenya's favourite roast meat. It's different parts of meat, stuffed into what looks like intestines. it's pretty disgusting if you are not used to this kind of food or if you are expecting something else. Otherwise it's pretty delicious.


A view of Hilton hotel, downtown Nairobi from the sidewalk. A bustling city indeed. See all the people on the street.

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