In the name of thanks giving I’m going to go all out on food today!!

oooooooohhh mg, I don't think I even need to say anything about this. Look at it! It's just...I'm breatheless!! I love kenya

ugali, meat, greens

A whole palanced meal. This is making me hungry. I have to stop. I still love Kenyan food.


A delicious combo of potatoes, peas and corn. Kenyan stuffing maybe? tamu sana

Kenyan stuffing?

A spiced rice meal. One of my favorite dishes. Up, above and beyoooond delicious. Swahili or kenyan dish


ooooohhh I waaaaaaaant! a deep fried snack packed with either mashed potatoes and peas or minced meat. Definitely on of the most delicious  meals ever


cooked bananas. taken when still green and cooked. Pretty good but not one of my favorites.


little tiny fish that people eat. I still haven't figured out why they do this, but they do. So oh well, fish omena


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  1. Adam

    aaaaa, Recipe thank you! 🙂

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