The Air Up There

Jimmy Dolan is a college basketball assistant-coach who wants to find a new star for his team since he believes this will get him a promotion to Head Coach at the school. He sees a home video of a prospect and travels to Africa to recruit him. Upon arriving to this continent, Dolan finds himself confronted not only with the challenges of basketball but also with the challenges of adjusting to and learning how to live in the midst of a brand-new culture. Dolan and Saleh both teach each other life lessons before they take the court for one final game with everything on the line. One of the most dramatic and exciting scenes in the film involves the tuition of Saleh by Dolan regarding the "Jimmy Dolan Shake & Bake," a basketball style made famous by the Bahr Brother's in the mid 1990's.

Kikulacho is all about showcasing Kenya. We aim to show the world all the little (and big) things that make Kenya uniquely beautiful.

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